Welcome to CMBC

Here you will find a brief overview of the ministries we offer through our church, as well as a few snapshots of our family. We would love to have you come and join us for a worship service, a class, or an outreach opportunity.

We are saving a seat for you!

Watch the Solar Eclipse Monday August 21st in the Church Parking Lot! 

Viewing will begin at Noon, with the peak 95% eclipse at 2:42 pm. 

Set up will occur even if cloudy as long as there is no rain. Sorry "no rain checks" for once in decades celestial events!

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Service Times

Sunday Morning: 

Bible Study - 9:30

Worship and Children's Church (up to 1st grade) - 10:30

Sunday Night Worship - 7:00

Wednesday Night Prayer/Bible Study - 7:00

All of our services are for any age, including nursery.

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Contact us

It isn't really hard to find us in Thomasville, NC. We are just across from Liberty Drive Elementary School, on Liberty Drive. 

Click on the map for directions.


422 Liberty Drive

Thomasville, NC 27360

Phone: 336-472-7028

Fax: 336-472-7040

Email: cmbc@northstate.net

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Reading through the Bible in 2017

We are excited to introduce a new way to study our Bibles! Each week, everyone in the church reads about 10 chapters from God's word. The Sunday Bible Study, as well as the Sunday morning and night sermons will also come from the reading. It's a way for all of us to not only read through the Bble in a year, but to also focus on a small portion of Scripture, each week. You can access the page to either download, or purchase, the reading plan HERE

Week 32 (July 30-August 5): Matthew 3-8; Memorize Matthew 5:16, 6:33

Week 33 (August 6-August 12): Luke 9:10-62; Mark 9-10, Luke 12; John 3-4; Luke 14; Memorize Luke 14:26-27, Luke 14:33

->Week 34 (August 13-19): John 6; Matthew 19:16-30; Luke 15, 16, 17:11-37, 18; Mark 10; Memorize Mark 10:45, John 6:37

Week 35 (August 20-26): John 11; Matthew 21:1-13; John 13-16; Matthew 24; Memorize John 13:34-35, 15:4-5

Week 36 (August 27-September 2): Matthew 24:32-51; John 17; Matthew 26:35-27:31, Matthew 27:32-66; Luke 23:26-56; John 19

Memorize Luke 23:34, John 17:3